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Flying Plane


Our specialist Aviation experience includes reviewing financing and transactional documents to comply with Malaysian law for airlines, aircraft lessors and aircraft financiers.


We regularly advise on enforcement issues arising from Cape Town Convention and Chicago Convention registrations. We assisted in drafting an updated Civil Aviation Act proposed to the Ministry of Transport.

We are Malaysian counsel on long term retainer advising AirTanker Services Limited as commercial operator of a fleet of civilian aircraft modified for military use. We advised Tiger Air on issues arising from lien enforcement and leases. We have assisted on the sale and purchase of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. We advised on the purchase of a fleet of 18 training aircraft from Europe, the purchase of a pair of Eurocopter helicopters, and the acquisition of a lear jet. We have advised the main satellite company of Malaysia on insurance and space law issues.

We have provided legal services to AirAsia X Berhad in the leases of 6 Airbus Industrie aircraft A330-300 for delivery 2013 and 2014 by the US-based world’s largest lessor of aircraft, International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). We reviewed the leases and related documents as well as rendered legal opinions on compliance with Malaysian law.

We advised Lenders/ECAs and ILFC in taking new security over a Malaysian-registered A330-200 aircraft in a USD3.7 billion term loan secured by a portfolio of aircraft.


We advised aircraft lessors and financiers in a variety of B737-300 aircraft transactions including advising on leasing and sub-sub-leasing arrangements, the Cape Town Convention, tax implications of on-sale, de-registration from the Malaysian Aircraft Register, Labuan offshore jurisdiction issues.


We advised a Dutch-based owner of 250 aircraft worldwide in an aircraft securitisation involving notes issued and refinanced with additional notes being issued valued in excess of USD1 billion.

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